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? >> honestly, joe, i don't know. i do know that there is a new "new york times" cbs poll out that shows obama ten points ahead, which is higher than i have seen in other polls. we have seen consistently that obama is leading. >> in ohio this is? >> have to find out a way to change the direction of this thing. >> this is in ohio or nationally? >> in ohio. >> okay. >> the average of polls lately has shown obama in the range of four to five points ahead in ohio. ohio is really critical to this race. no republican has ever been elected president without it. this is a place where president obama has really targeted to try to take it off the table for romney. but when you look at the combination of states that romney has got to put together to get to 270 elect roral votes romney is behind in all three of those right now. he's looking to the debates and he's looking to some intensive campaigning with paul ryan to tray to make a difference. >> john, i heard a report on npr this morning talking about gary johnson, the former governor of new mexico, who's going to be running -- i think he's on the ball
been absent on capitol hill. >> in the poll yesterday that came out, obama had a three-point lead with politico, george washington and battleground but within that poll there's the middle class voters and romney has a 14-point lead among middle class voters and they represent 54% in the country so he has different coalitions that get him up to the plus 3%, but for all the talk that we hear about trying to help the middle class, the middle class has suffered more than just about any other group of people over the last four years. meanwhile, how is it that the romney campaign and republicans in general have allowed romney's taxes, and no one is even saying that he broke the law and yet that's been the headline week after week after week have been somehow the republicans have been railroaded into talking about this when really 8.1% unemployment, that's not helping anyone. 47 million people on food stamps, those are the issues. the middle class is not being helped right now. >> what the middle class is concerned about is what most people in the country are, worried about how they're g
the president i moving forward. >> the latest polls actually show president obama has a big lead in states like ohio and florida. do you believe those polls? >> they move around, but i do think that he got a bump after the democratic convention. no republican has been elected president without winning ohio. so i think that's -- mitt romney will have to rebound. and i see the debates where he's a good debater. he won 16 out of 20 republican debates by his own count, but i think he did well. >> i'm going to make this hard for you. if you were advising romney right now, what would you be telling him to do? >> i'd tell him that the debates are his last chance. >> so do you tap hard to the right, do you go down the middle? i would argue some of the things he's said over the past couple of days around taxes and raising them on the middle class -- not raising them, but suggesting that taxes will not go down suggest he's going more to the middle. is that the right or wrong answer? >> that's the right answer, but i think the perception of governor romney is he's already too encrusted in the right. the a
at that at this point. they must be looking at something else because we do see president obama leading in most polls. what changed? what's different? >> well, it doesn't help when all the networks run a secret tape about 10,000 times in one week, and i think that really slanted and skewed the news. but i also think that the polling onslaught that comes out that shows him behind, i don't think it's accurate. because i think the filters are closer to a 2008 model. and a 2010 model was dramatically different. the tea party energized in 2009 and came out in 2010, i still think they're energized, and i think the silver lining of the supreme court upholding obama care is, is that those of us in the tea party who think obama care's a disaster for the country, we're all going to turn out because we know the only way we can stop it now is by electing governor romney. >> that's 53-43 or something. that's what i don't understand, there seems to be a disconnect. it seems to be 53-43 against, i don't know why the election -- it's not a single-issue vote obviously. >> i still think the election goes our way. i've
points. rasmussen and gallup at 5 and rasmussen at 2. >> polls it show obama up 11 in swing states. that sounds high to me. but in any case, obama's ahead, romney has to change something. he has a chance to do it. >> all right, john harwood, thank you. >> today is the start of the fourth quarter. and joining us is teach stanley, chief economist for peerpont securities. the lead story is how trade is slowing around the world. all of europe's problems getting exported to the rest of the world. what do you think this means just in terms of the fourth quarter and maybe a look into next year? >> good morning, becky. well, i think right now the u.s. economy is really slow in part because of what you guys were just talking about, the election. i think a lot of businesses have gone to the sidelines and they're waiting to see as you all discuss, we have a huge choice to be made. and businesses don't really know what the outlook is going to be for the next four years. so if i have -- if i'm a businessman and i have an investment or hiring decision to make, i'm just going to wait a couple mon
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5